Taste Like Candy

Each Aunt and Uncle taking the time to let Michelle know they loved her and were there for her. I taste just like candy, candy I taste just like candy So dance with me Yo now let me paint y'all a picture Fox pimp hard, quiet just like a whisper Don't get it mixed up Bad little sista Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good Damn I'm so hood You should see me in them jeans It's hard to describe and Being cocky is just a part of the vibe I might stop and holla and pop my colla Maybe a little conceited but that's always needed Love attention when I'm passing by And I show a little cleavage and I catch his eye Just the thought of him eating, I was outside soaking Duke standing locing, mouth wide open I walked over, licking my lips And adjusting my tits and switching my hips Shit he threw his hand on my waist Looked in my face and said he wanna know how I taste [Kelis] I taste just like candy So dance with me I taste just like candy So dance with me I taste just like candy So dance with me I taste just like candy So dance with me Now just imagine me nude, stretched out Be all over the news if this gets out So bad that the press might ban me Now how bad you wanna know if I'm sweeter then candy What would you risk? My eyes roll in my head I toss and turn in my bed In the morning when I think about you Yes, I do Simply put you're the reason why Even though I'm real shy Real shy I attempt to look my best for you Indeed I do, just for you 'Cause you affect me, fascinate me I thank heaven for the things that you do It's like candy You sure are sweet Sweet Sweet You're so dandy Dandy You're taking my appetite but it's alright It's like candy.



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